Vintage Two-Stroke Motorcycles VCS2. Clymer Manuals Vintage Collection Allstate, Benelli, Bridgestone, Broncco, BSA, Bultaco, Ducati, Garelli, Hodaka, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasak

Clymer Service-Repair-Maintenance

Clymer Manuals Vintage Collection Series, Two-Stroke Motorcycles manual contains condensed service data for many vintage motorcycles from the 60\'s through mid 70\'s.

The Clymer Vintage Collection Series Two-Stroke Motorcycles (VCS-2) manual,originally published under the Intertec banner, contains repair and maintenance information for many single and multi-cylinder motorcycles with engine displacements of more than 85cc-covering models produced in the early 60's through the mid-70's. The condensed service procedures, specifications, exploded views and photographs guide the reader through adjustment and repair.

This vintage motorcycle manual is 352 pages.

Models covered:
Allstate 150
Allstate 175
Allstate 250
Allstate Sears 150
Benelli Cobra
Benelli California
Benelli Scrambler
Bridgestone 100 GP
Bridgestone 100 Sport
Bridgestone 100 TMX
Bridgestone 175 Dual Twin
Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler
Bridgestone 350 GTO
Bridgestone 350 GTR
Bridgestone 90 Mtn.
Bridgestone 90 Sport
Bridgestone 90 Standard
Bridgestone 90 Trail
Bridgestone MII RS
Bridgestone MII SS
Broncco TX-9
Bultaco 100
Bultaco 125
Bultaco 175
Bultaco 200
Bultaco 250
Ducati 100 Cadet
Ducati 100 Mountaineer
Garelli KL100
Garelli KL100A
Garelli KL100M
Harley-Davidson 125
Harley-Davidson 165
Harley-Davidson Hummer
Harley-Davidson Pacer BT
Harley-Davidson Pacer BTU
Harley-Davidson Ranger
Harley-Davidson Scat
Harley-Davidson Super 10
Hodaka 100B
Hodaka 125 Combat Wombat
Hodaka 125 Wombat
Hodaka Ace 100
Hodaka Ace 90
Hodaka Dirt Squirt
Hodaka Super Rat 100 MX
Honda CR125M
Honda CR250M
Honda MT125
Honda MT250
Kawasaki A1
Kawasaki A1-R Road Racer
Kawasaki A1SS
Kawasaki A7
Kawasaki A7-R Road Racer
Kawasaki A7SS
Kawasaki C2SS
Kawasaki C2TR
Kawasaki D1
Kawasaki F1
Kawasaki F11
Kawasaki F11A
Kawasaki F1TR
Kawasaki F2
Kawasaki F21M
Kawasaki F2TR
Kawasaki F3
Kawasaki F4
Kawasaki F5
Kawasaki F6
Kawasaki F7
Kawasaki F8
Kawasaki F81M
Kawasaki F9
Kawasaki G31M
Kawasaki G3SS
Kawasaki G3TR
Kawasaki G3TR-100
Kawasaki G4TR
Kawasaki G5
Kawasaki H1
Kawasaki H1-B
Kawasaki H1-C
Kawasaki H1-D
Kawasaki H1-E
Kawasaki H2
Kawasaki H2A
Kawasaki H2B
Kawasaki KS 125
Kawasaki KX125
Kawasaki MC1
Kawasaki MC1M
Kawasaki S1
Kawasaki S1-A
Kawasaki S1-B
Kawasaki S2
Kawasaki S2-A
Kawasaki S3
Maico 250
Maico 360
Maico 400
Maico 501
Montesa 125
Montesa 175
Montesa 250
Montesa 360
Moto Beta XC100
Enduro Raider MX
Ossa 160
Ossa 175
Ossa 250
Puch 125
Puch 175
Rex see Garelli
Sachs 100/4
Sachs 1001/5A
Sachs 1001/6A
Sachs 1001/6B
Sachs 1251/5A
Sachs 1251/6A
Sachs 1251/6B
Sachs 1251/6C
Sachs K-103
Suzuki A100
Suzuki AC100
Suzuki AS100
Suzuki B100-P
Suzuki B105-P
Suzuki GT-185L
Suzuki GT250K
Suzuki GT250L
Suzuki GT380J
Suzuki GT380K
Suzuki GT380L
Suzuki GT550J
Suzuki GT550K
Suzuki GT550L
Suzuki GT750J
Suzuki GT750K
Suzuki GT750L
Suzuki LT500R
Suzuki Olympian S32-2
Suzuki T10
Suzuki T125
Suzuki T125II
Suzuki T125R
Suzuki T20
Suzuki T200
Suzuki T250 (X-6R)
Suzuki T250II
Suzuki T250J
Suzuki T250R
Suzuki T305
Suzuki T350
Suzuki T350II
Suzuki T350J
Suzuki T350R
Suzuki T500
Suzuki T500II
Suzuki T500III
Suzuki T500J
Suzuki T500K
Suzuki T500L
Suzuki TC100
Suzuki TC120
Suzuki TC200
Suzuki TC250
Suzuki TC305
Suzuki TC90
Suzuki TM250J
Suzuki TM250K
Suzuki TM400
Suzuki TS100
Suzuki TS125J
Suzuki TS125K
Suzuki TS125R
Suzuki TS185J
Suzuki TS185K
Suzuki TS185R
Suzuki TS250II
Suzuki TS250J
Suzuki TS250K
Suzuki TS250R
Suzuki TS400
Suzuki TS90
Suzuki X-5 Invader
Suzuki X-5 Stingray
Suzuki X-6 Hustler
Suzuki X-6 Scrambler
Villiers 2L
Villiers 31C
Villiers 32A
Villiers 34A
Villiers 35A
Villiers 36A
Villiers 3K
Villiers 3L
Villiers 4F
Villiers 6F
Villiers 9E
Villiers 9F
Villiers Mark 31A
White 250 Shooting Star
White 250 Super Sport
Yamaha AS2C
Yamaha AT1
Yamaha AT1-M
Yamaha AT1B
Yamaha AT1B-MX
Yamaha AT1C
Yamaha AT1C-MX
Yamaha AT2
Yamaha AT2M
Yamaha AT3
Yamaha ATMX
Yamaha CS3B
Yamaha CS3C
Yamaha CS5
Yamaha CT1
Yamaha CT1B
Yamaha CT1C
Yamaha CT2
Yamaha CT3
Yamaha DS6
Yamaha DS7
Yamaha DT1
Yamaha DT1-MX
Yamaha DT100A
Yamaha DT125A
Yamaha DT175A
Yamaha DT1B
Yamaha DT1C
Yamaha DT1C-MX
Yamaha DT1E
Yamaha DT1E-MX
Yamaha DT2
Yamaha DT2-MX
Yamaha DT250A
Yamaha DT3
Yamaha DT360A
Yamaha HS-1
Yamaha HS-1B
Yamaha HT1
Yamaha HT1-B
Yamaha HT1B-MX
Yamaha L5T
Yamaha LS2
Yamaha LT2
Yamaha LT2M
Yamaha LT3
Yamaha LTMX
Yamaha MX100A
Yamaha MX175A
Yamaha MX250 (1968-1976 models)
Yamaha MX250A
Yamaha MX360
Yamaha MX360A
Yamaha R-3
Yamaha R-3C
Yamaha R3 RR
Yamaha R5
Yamaha R5B
Yamaha R5C
Yamaha RD200A
Yamaha RD250
Yamaha RD250A
Yamaha RD350
Yamaha RD350A
Yamaha RT1
Yamaha RT1-MX
Yamaha RT1B
Yamaha RT1B-MX
Yamaha RT2
Yamaha RT2-MX
Yamaha RT3
Yamaha SC500
Yamaha SC500A
Yamaha TD1A
Yamaha TD1B
Yamaha TD1C
Yamaha YA-6
Yamaha YAS1
Yamaha YAS1-C
Yamaha YCS1
Yamaha YDS-3
Yamaha YDS-5
Yamaha YL-1
Yamaha YL-1E
Yamaha YL-2
Yamaha YL-2C
Yamaha YM-1
Yamaha YM2C
Yamaha YR-1
Yamaha YR-2
Yamaha YR-2C

Door: Clymer
Uitgever: Clymer
Taal: Engels
Staat: Nieuw
Aantal pagina's: 352

Clymer Publications
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